21 Websites for Free Images, Videos, Color Tools and Fonts

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels.
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  • May 22, 2022
Useful websites and tools for graphic design and communications works.

Important note

All the references quoted in this article offer free licence ressources. Before using one of those ressources, I highly recommend you to read the terms of use and the licence of the media that you want to download. A free usage licence does not mean that there are no conditions for the usage.

Also, in the scope of a public or a commercial usage, I highly recommend you to quote the source/the author of the media.


Free images

Find images with free use licences.


Pexels is a website with qualitative images from photographers worldwide. All the images have a free public/commercial use.



Unsplash is a free images bank similar to Pexels, with qualitative images from photographers.



The image platform Flickr offers settings that allow to only display images with a free public/commercial use licence.



Pixabay is another free images bank similar to Pexels or Unsplash.



Rawpixel is an images bank similar to Pexels and Unsplash, with qualitative images from photographers. A section named “Free” allows to only display free ressources. You need to subscribe to the website (it’s free!) in oder to download the free ressources. The free subscription plan allows to download only 5 free images per day.


Google Images

The research engine Google Images has settings allowing to display images with specific usage rights. Those settings are accessible from the image results page, thanks to the menu “Tools > Usage rights“.

Google images settings menu.


Find videos with free licences.


Coverr is an online videos with free videos for design your website of any other digital medium. All the videos proposed have free licences.


Icons and illustrations

Find icons and illustrations with free use licences.


Flaticon is an icon bank with free ressources. This website offers a wide variety of flat design icons. It is possible to personalize the color of the icons and to choose their format before the download.

You need to pay a premium suscription in order to download some icons, but most of them can be downloaded for free.


The noun project

The noun project offers a wide choice of  icons and patterns. It is possible to personalize the color of the icons and to choose their format before the download.

You need to sign up and to create an account (it’s free!) on The noun project website in order to download the ressources.



Freepik is an online ressource for icons, illustrations and images. You can find free ressources on this website with different usage rights.



Pixabay also offers ressources for icons and illustrations, and it is similar to Freepik.



Skalgubbar is a real silhouettes bank for illustrating architectural projects. The website offers a wide variety of silhouettes related to various activities.


Note: Skalgubbar is free to use for anyone who wants to bring their visualizations of unbuilt architecture to life. For students as well as for commercial use.

Main guideline: your architecture project should be in focus. Skalgubbar is not to be used as free standing pictures or for product advertisements. Have a look at these projects to see some good examples of usage.


Font libraries

Find a free font for printed and online supports.



Dafont is a famous free fonts library website, with numerous styles of fonts.


Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is another font library with free fonts. It is also possible to pay for complete font families.



Wfonts is another font library, similar to Dafont and FontSquirrel.


Font recognition

Find the name/family of a font thanks to an image of a word or of a character.

What The Font

The online tool What the Font from the website www.myfonts.com is an efficient tool in order to find the name of a font.


Font Matcherator

Font Matcherator is a font recognition tool from the website www.fontspring.com.


Color tools

Find the perfect color for a communications project or a graphic design work.

Adobe Color

Adobe Color is an online platform allowing to select and to compare colors. It is a tool especially helpful when you need to create a harmonious color combination.

Adobe color features.



Picular is an online color search engine which associates words with colors (e.g.: the word “sea” displays in the results different kinds of blue).

It is a very useful tool when you have a topic but you do not know which colors it is better to use.


Image recognition

Find back the source of an image using image recognition technology.

Image recognition tools are useful when you want to know from which website an image is or when you want to find other dimensions for your image.

Google Images

Google Images allows to do a research thanks to an image, using image recognition. The recognition process is based on the images detected by Google computer algorithms.

To use the image recognition tool from Google Images, click on the camera icon inside the search bar.



TinEye is a reverse image search engine. The image database of Tineye is made from several search engine companies thanks to a specific computer algorithm.

TinEye is a useful alternative if you do not get good results with Google Images.