Interreg Project Pierre Numériques


Interreg “Digital Stones” Project

The Interreg project Pierres Numériques – Digitale Steine (in English: “Digital Stones”), is a European Union cross-border project between Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg. This project gathers institutions and cultural organisations from the Greater Region (Saarland, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Wallonia). The Interreg “Digital Stones” project allows to its participants to design innovative digital solutions in order to promote culture and local heritage.

The History of Iron Museum, in Nancy area (France), is one of the participants in Interreg “Digital Stones” project. I joined the museum as a consultant in order to manage this international digital project for the institution. I did a rational and a creative work: after having proceeded to a strategic analysis, I proposed a global strategy and a digital strategy adapted to the museum projects and objectives. Then, I designed made-to-measure digital tools. The digital solutions proposed were interactives and participatives tools allowing to involve the visitors in the museum knowledges and contents. Those works was gathered in three strategic reports:

Analysis Report – Analyse and understand.
Strategic Recommandations Report –  Build and connect.
Digital Conception Report – Design and innovate.

During this experience, I have created the museum digital devices function and the the typology of digital devices for museums. Those tools explain step by step how to design digital solutions for museums visitors. I have created them thanks to scientific literature and meetings with digital and museums experts.